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ADMI Course Schedule 3 Year Cycle

The first ADMI course to be offered will be the core course DM 872 Engineering Leadership in Sept of 2017. With a total of 14 courses currently offered, the course cycle will be repeated every 3 years, as illustrated below. Students are required to take 9 courses to complete their degree: 3 core, 3 technical and 3 business. Thus, it’s possible to complete the degree in two years. The expectation is that most students will take three years to complete the degree

May/June Sep/Oct Oct/Nov Nov/Dec Jan/Feb Mar/Apr
2017 2018
* DM 872 Engineering Leadership + DM 890 Operations Management DM 812 FEA for Design Engineers + DM 863 Managerial Accounting
2018 2019
+ DM 881 Technical Entrepreneurship * DM 816 Design for Innovation DM 810 Intelligent Manufacturing DM 817 Ergonomics + DM 864 Professional Communication
2019 2020
DM 814 Rapid Mechanical Design * DM 885 Project Management DM 824 Materials Selection DM 822 Mechatronics DM 826 Energy Management

* core course
+ business elective

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